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Zombies is a Vampire Counts melee infantry unit in Total War: Warhammer. Driven not by skill, but by a desire to feast on flesh, zombies are good, terrifying fodder in melee.


Zombies are shambling horrors that stagger towards the enemy battle lines in a noisome horde. Grotesquely reanimated corpses, they are compelled by the Dark Magic of a Vampire or Necromancer, and driven by the will of their master to commit acts of extreme violence. To call the way a Zombie attacks "fighting", is perhaps to give the foul creature credit beyond its due. These sickening half-things have no skill to speak of, but are instead driven only by the insatiable urge to rend, kill and consume the living. Any warrior unfortunate enough to be pulled down by a Zombie horde will find himself torn slowly apart by a mass of desperate clawing fingers, his flesh gouged from his body in grisly, glistening chunks. The fortunate die quickly, but those unlucky souls who are trampled beneath the horde spend their death throes in miserable agony as their innards become a crimson feast.


  • Expendable: This unit is comparably cheap to recruit, maintain and replenish.

Stat Overview[]

Zombies have insanely low cost, decent HP, great model counts and dreadful everything else.


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Zombies are dedicated meat shields. Their role is to hold the line, stall, act as a blockade, exhaust their enemies, and take damage so that more expensive units don't have to. After zombies have engaged the enemy, send in your expensive units to flank your enemies. If zombies actually manage to get a kill themselves, that's a bonus.

Zombies can be spammed to overwhelm an enemy army with sheer numbers, killing them in a battle of attrition. This tactic can work well but it is countered by AoE spells. Necromancers have a passive AoE healing ability that is often used with zombie/skeleton spam.

Zombies slow down the entire army with their dreadful speed. Skeletons can be used to replace zombies for a better performance but they are usually less cost efficient.

While useless against heavy range comps like elves an army consisting of Kemmler with the 'follower' "the Ravenous Dead", 1 Banshee, 1 Wight King, The Direpack, The Tithe, and fill the rest with zombies can be an amusing 'doomstack' holding its own against most melee focused armies with a fraction of the cost or, in the late game, almost completely free. kemmler uses spells to keep your zombies healthy while the Banshee and Wight King take care of the most dangerous foes and The Direpack takes care of a few ranged units or artillery while also being useful for running down retreating enemies